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Affiliated to RGU, Rono Hills Itanagar. And Recognised by NCTE

Rules And Regulations

Mandatory Disclosure

General Rules And Regulations

  • Students shall strictly comly with the rules and regulations of the college issued from time to time relating to their studies, examinations conduct and dicipline
  • The students, who secure admission on the basis of false certificate/marks sheet be summarily cancelled and all fees paid by him/her shall be forfeited. Legal action shall also be taken against them.
  • Application accompanied with requisite documents/enclosure received after the last date shall be summarily rejected.
  • No refund of fees will be made on withdrawal of admission or failed in any Semester Examination under any circumstances.
  • In case the candidate fails to submit the required documents admissionshall be treated as cancelled and no request for refund of fees will be entertained under any circumstances.
  • If the applicant is employed, employers 'NOC' with proof of one year leave must be submitted during the time of admission.
  • Trainees can avail College facilities only after the course commences and only till the course in completed.
  • College will not be responsible for any loss of belongings left unattended by the trainees at the college premises.
  • Intake of any sort of intoxicating substance is strictly prohibited. Chewing of Paan/Gutka/Chewing Gum is also prohibited.
  • Trainees should strictly adhere to instructions regarding entry/exit regulation, parking of vehicals etc.
  • Ragging is banned in college and anyone indulging in ragging process is likely to be punished appropriately.
  • All trainees are supposed to attend the classes in proper uniform suited for gentleman/woman.
  • Male trainees must have short and properly groomed hair, clean and well trimmed nails. they should attend classes everyday with a clean shave and polished shoe.
  • Female trainees should have properly groomed hair, clean and well trimmed nails without nail polish. Perfumes should not be used while attending theory or practical classes.
  • During class hours wearing the college identity Card is compulsory.
  • These rules come into effect immediately and equally apply on all trainees of Institution.
  • Institution holds the rights to introduce, alter, amend or change only or all the rules from time to time if found necessary.
  • Interpretation of these rules will always be made by the designated persons of the college and shall be final and binding on all trainees.
  • For any legal dispute the jurisdiction will be at District Court Ziro only.


  • In case a trainee is found not paying his/her fees within 20 days from the due date he/she will fetch strong disiplinary measures. If a trainee at their own option to drop out from the course then the case will also be treated as discontinuance in such a situation, the course fee and other changes already paid will not be refunded under any circumtances.
  • In case of absence for 15 consecutive days, the college must be informed with a valid reason else the case will be treated as discontinuance.
  • In case of mis conduct and violation of college norm, trainees may fetch disciplinary action leading to discontinuance.

Attendance rules

  • A students admitted in college must maintain an ethos of commitment to professional programme. He/She is expected to behave in a dignified manner in the College campus. According to Rajiv Gandhi University, Doimukh, Itanagar and NCTE norms a trainee must attend 80% of all theory classes (including optional subjects).
  • Teaching for all classes shall commence from the month of August as per the academic calendar of the Rajiv Gandhi University. Except on holidays, and during vacations, teaching (lectures, tutorials) will take place on five days every week from Monday to Friday according to a notified weekly timetable for each course. Practical will take place on five days of the week, from Monday to Friday.
  • Students must attend all demonstration classes during the course as well as his/her scheduled practice period. B.Ed. trainees are expected to teach in any school assigned to him/her by the College when assigned.
  • Prior Permission is required from the Principal/Prof, in-charge for any absence either from theory or from Practical classes and community life activates. Application should be made for leave in writing.
  • Leave sanctioned does not enable a student to get exemption from the minimum percentage of attendance as per University rule.
  • The University will announce the schedule for the Annual University Examinations for all classes. Students should however note that as per the decisions of the Rajiv Gandhi University, with effect from the academic year 2017-2018, 25% of the marks in each course would be awarded to students on the basis of Internal Assessment.
  • In order to be eligible to appear at a University Examination every student has to attend a minimum of two third of the total number of lectures delivered at the college in all subjects as also in Tutorials, as the case may be, taken separately in each Semester. The College shall have power to strike off the name of a student who is irregular in attendance or when the absence of the student is for such a long period that he/she cannot put in the requisite percentage of attendance. These rules are strictly followed. Parents/ Guardians are advised to meet teachers periodically of their wards to know the progress of their ward in studies and punctuality in attending classes.


  • Late admission, if granted, is entirely at the risk of the students concerned and no concession in regard to attendance is allowed. Attendance will be calculated from the date the College re-opens after the vacation.
  • When a student is required to represent the College in competitive events - sports, cultural activities and debates sponsored by the College - he/she must apply for permission in advance, in writing to the Principal.
  • Exemption from attendance for other reasons may be granted only if permitted by the Principal in writing. Such permission must be obtained well in advance and not at the time of examination.
  • Application for leave of absence due to sickness/hospitalisation must be supported by a medical leave and fitness certificate from a recognized medical practitioner, and should reach the Principal within a week of the student re-joining college on the expiry of leave.

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